Why Call Houston?

Call Houston is a new kind of support. At call houston, the one thing we have in common is curiosity. As oppose to most support companies, we work across an array of different systems from eCommerce to inventory management, POS, accounting and staff management. The platforms we chose to recommend has been handpicked from all over the world, as some of the most forward thingking services there is. We continuously add more platforms to our portfolio when something new appears that fits our criteria.

As a "Houston" subscriber, you can chose the platforms you want to use and we will implement them for you without an extra fee. We will also make sure that when you grow too large for one setup, you can migrate to another without extra costs, we take care of everything. 

In order to supply this level of support, we take a large interest in your business, we will be in consistent contact with you about your business, your ideas and how you see yourself move forward. See us as your IT consultant, business controller and sparrings partner, all in one, on demand, at a price that fits everyone. 

We can do this as Call Houston is a small business which have found a niche in fully integrated support for small businesses. We provide superior support to our subscribed businesses from the small daily questions to inventory mangement integration and website building. 

It is also worth to mention that we are a young dynamic team consisting of 5 different nationalities and backgrounds, this often helps us chose the best solution for our costumers.

An entrepreneur we highly respected once said that "all business is movement" however, to keep moving is hard work - thats where we come in. We believe that Sir Winston Churchill said this very precisely, "To improve is to change, perfection therefor, is to change often".