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At call houston, the one thing we have in common is curiosity. We spend all our awake hours looking for the smartest solution for our subscribers. 
Call Houston is a small online support company which have found a niche in supporting small and medium sized companies with their daily contact with cyberspace. We are experts at cyberspace travel and we love making the journeys for you as easy as possible.
We work across an array of systems from eCommerce, point of sale, inventory management, staff scheduling to accounting and integration. 


Henrik Hold  |  Copenhagen, Denmark  |  Support languages: Danish and English


Henrik has 23 arms and legs, no one knows how, but he always know whats going. Henrik will keep a cool overview of even the most complicated setups we work with. When everyone is burning Henrik applies his ice cold rational mind. 

Julia Tarp  |  Aarhus, Denmark  |  Support languages: Danish and English


You know this tough business ladies in suits - you got it, thats Julia. Julia is our own private lawyer and legal expert at Call Houston. Don't mess with her! 

Kaare Tranaes  |  Copenhagen, Denmark  | Support languages: Danish and English


Having studied project management at Copenhagen Business School and with his background in commercial shipping, Kaare knows everything about project implementation. He has worked with various startups as founder, advisor and employee, including companies like GoMore and Ikon Ship, and smaller startups like Smartlens.dk.

After office hours Kaare can either be found in the local gym or the community kitchen, where he enjoys cooking and speaking for anyone who will listen. Kaare is a vegetable lover and consumes more carrots and celery sticks than the entire team combined.

Luigi Bernardi  |  Malta, Spain & Munich, Germany  |  Support languages: Spanish, Italian, German, English


Yes, it is in the name, Italian - a real Italian. Luigi is an expert with people, if you can't get your issue past any others, try Luigi - everything is possible with him. "Can I talk to Luigi", has become the main starting fraise for our subscribers

Manuel Culebras  |  Madrid, Spain  &  Munich, Germany  |  Support languages: Spanish and English


Mr. Culebras is from Spain, he is studying International business in Munich and an expert with our Xero platform - he is the numbers guy - you guessed it, he worked for PwC. When he is not crunching numbers he is traveling around Spain in his Ape (see picture).

Nicole Linder  |  Munich, Germany  |  Support languages: Spanish, German and English


Is our German/Peruvian superhero, she is super creative and costumer orientated. With broad background from studies to family company, volunteer projects to work at BMW. Today she supports Germany as a Call Houston partner. 

Sigurd Tranaes  | Munich, Germany  |  Support languages: Danish and English


Sigurd is studying in Munich Germany and has previously worked for his family's business in a list of European countries. He started in sales but moved to IT and online development before establishing Call Houston. 

Solène Gabellec  |  Lyon, France  |  Support languages: French, English, Russian

Solene's adage would undoubtedly be :" Where there's a will, there's a way." She has always cultivated a passion for wine and food industry, and not only because she is French. This passion led her to have a degree in Hospitality Management and Tourism, in addition to a degree in Business Administration. Her vitality and perseverance will be the perfect combination to achieve your projects, especially if they are connected to Human Ressources and Business development.