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by Diana Alborch May 24, 2021

We are celebrating the launch of! is the place to go for a wide range of pearls, handicrafts and accessories for DIY projects. Based in Sweden, the business is run online entirely by Stefani, who started the company in 2012 during her maternity leave. After 8 years, she decided to launch a new online store and trusted in Call-Houston for the project.


Development time: 3 months
Go live: May 23rd 2021
Country: Sweden
Goal: Enhanced customer experience


A unique challenge in the project, was the large inventory and subsequent need of powerful sorting and filtering options. We utilized the magnificent Empire theme from Pixel union, along with the powerful Smart Product Filter & Search app from Globo. The synergy between the two creates the seamless experience that the new displays.


In all the years I collected so many products and variants in my store, that I needed a strong tool to sort and show them and to give my customers a pleasant experience for both looking around or finding quickly what they are looking for.

Call-Houston put with their background knowledge all the attributes together and created a unique shop which I could fill with all the colorful items. The work with this creative and committed team was a great pleasure and I would like to continue developing the shop with them."

- Stefani,


It has been a pleasure working together with such a powerful energetic woman, we hope to stay close to the next steps of Rundis' online store!


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